Apex Amusements rents infltables in Central Ohio.

Apex offers a host of inflatables to meet all your entertainment needs.



APex AMusements rents inflatable jousts


Setup area: 30′ x 30′

Challengers battle each other with batons, trying to knock the other off the pedastools. Not intended for small children as the batons are heavy.

Basic 3 hour rental – $400.00
All day rental – $600.00

Tee Ball

APex Amusements rents tee ball games.


Setup area: 10′ x 15′

Like to play ball?  Try to hit these floating balls into the targets.  An air stream suspends plastic balls in mid air while the batter tries to hit them into the back stop.  Fun for all! Requires an electrical outlet.

$125.00 per day